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Selling your home in Charleston, SC is very competitive.  If you use a proven marketing plan to sell your home, then you’re starting out ahead.  One of the most important factors in selling your home is market exposure.  The more exposure you have, the better the chances of your home selling.  I specialize in a marketing plan that utilizes the internet.  I use the best, most current technology, and understand the value that internet marketing can have on your home.


Today’s buyers are more proactive than ever.  Many of you are finding more and more reasons to do a lot of the home searching on your own, before you even consider hiring a realtor.  Over 90% of buyers start searching homes online, first.  And why not, since most of us can view any home in a given area, virtually from any computer on the planet.  One key thing to remember is that a well-informed buyer is a smart buyer.  The more you research your target area, the better your chances are of communicating this to your realtor, or determining where you want to be.  You’ve made it this far reading about Charleston real estate, so we hope that you have already formed an opinion about our wonderful city, and what it has to offer!